Jun. 3rd, 2010 09:44 pm
allangtegek: a pattern of dirt particles in a puddle of water (cirkels)
[personal profile] allangtegek

Someone overspent her budget just a little bit getting a new haircut. It cost me €*mumblety-mumble* and I only had slightly more than that left sitting in my bank account (I do have €2500 in my savings, but I never count that money, ever). Which, uh. Let's just say I did not have enough money left to buy a new school diary and leave it at that...

Anyway. Hair. It's still pretty much the same style as always (halflong and in layers), though probably a little bit more feathered this time. Oh, and there's two purple streaks in it; one on each side. It looks really nice. ^^ (Pictures to follow tomorrow; been having a bit of trouble getting one that doesn't look absolutely horrid and/or actually showed anything important.)

In other news, I missed my lgbtfest deadline (that was this Tuesday), because I've been constantly rewriting and starting over. It's a little about not being satisfied with what I'd written, but it's a lot worrying if I'm doing it right (still, and again), but I'm still writing and I will finish this even if it kills me. :P

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