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Okay, well. This world cup thingie. As you probably all know, I am both not Brazil's biggest fan and severely unimpressed by the way their reputation counts for way more than their actual game (and also that bit where they keep putting their hands on the ball and getting away with it, jfc), but I'm still worried. In many ways, this match is our first "real" test. And our defense hasn't always been especially secure. At all.

And I think, if our offensive players don't get their shit together (we had eleventy-three shots against Slovakia, it's just none of them went in), our defence won't be able to pick up the slack for ninety minutes. So, yeah.

Also, EIP: The Racebendening just came out, and it's just now hit me that it is supposed to be ATLA. I mean, I knew it was, obviously, but it was so incredibly different from the show that it basically completely failed to register. Plus, from the few promos and stuff I saw, it's just horrendous entirely on its own. But anyway, now that it's hit me, I feel seriously disheartened. So yes.

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