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I was going to post this earlier, but I was too busy sitting outside in the sun. (Hmmm, sun!) I have no expectations of us winning this match, because the more opportunities exist for Ajax to get some results, the less hope I have for them to take said opportunities. So, with the second place and possibly CL (though let's not kid ourselves ><) in the balance, the odds of Ajax doing something phenomally stupid go up rather dramatically. Plus, it's PSV, who're good at making us stupid.

Of course, I also generally start out not expecting much, because that won't lead to disappointment when (in this case) certain teams do not do what they're supposed to do when they're supposed to do it. (Oh Ajax your timing sucks so much!) Yay, pessimism, though it can be annoying you've been prepared to go "See? That sucked!" and 'that' turns out not to suck at all. (The ~deep psychological trauma~ that led to Cass following this advice in life was that once, in high school, I had a really good feeling about some test for Greek and turned out to have gotten a 3. So clearly, my intuition cannot be trusted in these matters.)

As for the Grand Prix, it... rained a lot. That was slightly inconvenient because a lot of the time I was seeing sheets of water instead of, y'know, cars. So, in short: heh Vettel, Adrian :(, and [insert not-that-funny joke about British people being used to rainy weather and Hamilton's not-always-optimal performance]. (And boo, rain.)


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