Apr. 15th, 2009 09:15 pm
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Apparently, if there were elections right this moment, Wilders' party (PVV, Party for Freedom--take name with extreme amounts of salts) would get between 26 (politieke barometer.nl) and 32 (Maurice de Hond) out of 150 seats in Parliament. 17-20 % of our electorate would vote for him. I just...

Let me sum up Wilders: 1. he hates Muslims, 2. he hates the EU (but not as much as he hates Muslims).

Perhaps as many as one fifth of the Dutch electorate would vote for a party whose entire platform is Islamophobia. *Cass's head goes BOOM*

Excuse me. I'LL HAVE TO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE BECAUSE THE PEOPLE IN MY COUNTRY ARE THIS STUPID. DON'T WORRY, I WOULD JUMP OFF THE BRIDGE NEAR MY DAD'S HOUSE, IT'S REALLY NOT THAT HIGH I'D BE FINE. I totally had more planned but I'm (still) too surprised/disappointed/apalled/angry to be coherent. What the fuck, fellow Dutch people, what. the. fuck.

I find myself in the unpleasant situation that I want the current coalition to stay in power because the combined idiocy of CDA/PvdA/CU, even led by Balk, cannot possibly be anywhere near the fucking disaster it would be to have the PVV this large. If Balk IV sits it out, maybe Wilders will have lost a lot of those voters again. DDD:
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Dear Mayor Cohen,

Even though you're not (technically) my mayor, and even though I wasn't all that impressed with you in the first place (remember that Rita is een Moordwijf thing? I think you handled that sort of badly), and even though I'm late in saying this, I just have to wonder what. the. fuck. you're on about here. We've just had the gazillionth case of a frantic overreaction to a 'trustworthy' tip that someone was going to blow something up. You know, the usual? Round up a couple of Muslims, look good on TV; release them the next day because it turns out that, hey, they haven't done anything (but somehow still manage to avoid looking less good on TV, because the police are Looking Out For Us So Long As 'We' Are Not Muslim Of Course).

Yeah. Your solution to making sure that doesn't happen again (and again. and again. etc...) seems to be along the lines of 'I'm afraid we're just going to have to get used to it'. Oookay then. I will assume that you are in fact aware that this is not, as such, a solution. I'm also quite certain that you know very well that by 'innocent people' we mean 'innocent Muslims' or 'innocent people who look like Muslims to someone' (hint: as our far right friends are so fond of pointing out, since 'Islam is not a race'--you know, to deny that the racist things they say about Muslims of various Middle-Eastern and North-African ethnicities are racist?--anyone could look 'like a Muslim [up to no good]').

So let's get to the point here. You, mister mayor, will not have to worry about being mistaken for a potential terrorist. Neither will I. We're not in any danger of being the innocent people arrested for False Scare #252146423. Or even the innocent people arrested for Not False Scare #1. That'd be the around one million (one in sixteen Dutch people, that is) Muslims here, y'see.

And I'm really not okay with 'just getting used to [that]'. I can't currently (and couldn't last week) put into words how not okay I am with that and how disappointed, angry and bewildered I am that you are not only okay with that but think the rest of us should be, too. Even and especially those of 'us' (as in: Dutch people) who will not only have to 'get used to' innocent people being arrested but who would have to 'get used to' the possibility of getting arrested for Being Muslim While There's A Terror Scare Going On. (By the way: all terrorists are Muslim, amirite?!)

PS -- I take the risk of being caught in a terrorist attack. Prevention is good but I'm pretty sure there are better ways to it than rampant islamophobia. And since you cannot possibly prevent all attacks, I'd rather no one's freedom gets sacrificed to make us feel 'safe'.

PPS -- I mean it, I can't believe this. You're not even interested in attempting to prevent the potential arrest of innocent people (AGAIN)? Seriously?

PPPS -- I hope I have not myself said anything too stupid in here. If I have, please apply cluebat directly to my head.
No, not you, Job.


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