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I know I've promised myself a thousand times, but I do need to start living my life a little more like an adult and a little less than your average stereotypical student. In other words: there is no way I can finish this semester if I keep being a disorganized and lazy idiot. So, things I should start/stop doing (more/less of):
  • No more getting up past noon, especially not on weekdays. I should be out of bed by 9 o'clock, really. (I used to get up at 6 in high school no problem. I miss those days, I really do.)
  • Watching entire seasons of old TV shows in almost a single go is no good reason to stay up till, say, 5 in the morning. I should therefore probably not do it?
  • Breakfast is Good For Me. That means: breakfast before noon. Lunch around noon. (Two slices of bread each meal are more than enough.)
  • I do not actually have to try to make more than a panful of dinner! This is cheap and healthier.
  • Two pieces of fruit a day means... not more than two apples/oranges a day. Duh.
  • Milk is also Good For Me. I should drink more of it.
  • Thursday is the day I do my homework for Tuesday. Monday is the day I do my homework for Wednesday. Friday I work on my thesis. These will no longer be negotiable.
  • Class is for learning things, not world building or fiction writing. Public transport is for world building and fiction writing.
  • I should try to write something every day. Good for my writing skillz as well as effective against boredom.
  • I should really read more.
  • Clean room. Keep it clean.
  • Find job. I need money.
  • Probably some other stuff I can't think of right now.
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I have approximately a million things I want to say about a variety of topics, but at the moment I'm too tired (as in, about-to-fall-asleep-on-my-keyboard tired), and in a situation like this, I have to let my homework and catching up on sleep get precedence.

Just saying. :)


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