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Vermeer >>> Stekelenburg

Why is this only getting through people's heads at a breakneck speed of one person at a time?

Okay, at this point I must admit I think a rock > Maarten but still.

PS -- oh hai PIERRE and hi JAAP

PPS -- Consider me shut up about Gregory v/d Wiel!

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I stayed Chez Dad's for another day to do some homework, which unsurprisingly still hasn't been done. You see, I went to the library instead so I've just been reading since I got home. Yes. I'm that hopeless. Although I guess it doesn't help that we're talking really fucking boring homework. >:(

In other unsurprising news, I just can't bring myself to write to all of TWO teachers to ask for a recommendation. This is only the only thing I could ever see myself doing with my major, so it makes total sense NOT TO CHASE IT RIGHT NOW WITH EIGHT GODDAMN DAYS LEFT OMG WHY DO I FAIL AT BEING A RESPONSIBLE AND UNIDIOTIC PERSON GAH. I need a robot or something which can kick my ass whenever I stupidly neglect to do things I really, really should be doing. *headdesks*

Plus, my Anthropology study group is going to Istanbul in May. I really, really want to go but I can't afford it. Or rather, I can but I feel I've spent enough of the money people saved for me on random things (Brazil, Egypt, furniture, graphics tablet which doesn't fucking work, goddamn expensive anthropology (text)books). And I, y'know, have no job since I turned that other one down. GIEF €€€.

... D:

Mar. 20th, 2009 08:30 pm
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Okay so I thought I'd wait a while with approaching teachers for that recommendation (note to self: DO THAT THIS WEEKEND) because I wanted to find out what the hell was up with the gradeless course. Of course, I send that email this Wednesday (since I've been waiting since February ><) and have still not heard back, because my university will find some way to fail at life no matter what.

So now I have less than eleven days to stress out about approaching two of my teachers for recommendations, write an essay about my motivation for pursuing this master's programme, explain away that lost year (oh great good luck with that, self!), and supply them with an essay displaying my English proficiency (which will have to be either 15(!!) or "a few" pages long). They have to have all this on their desks by April 1st.


Stupid. My uni has it.


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