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So according to the UvA's scheduling website, two of my minor courses are right on top of each other. No, seriously, as of right now the scheduling!fail has reached new lows. Fortunately, there is no way in hell this is intentional (at least I hope not, but then again you can never rule it out, I guess...), so it'll hopefully probably be changed later on.

...Until then, *faaacepaaalm*.

Oh, and it just doesn't list Anthropology at all over there. Yay.

Also, there was more, but I am le tired and should probably try some of that fancy 'homework' stuff before sleepy time.

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I just spent basically three full days on an assigment. This is rather longer than I have ever, ever spent on any coursework ever, which I guess tells you all you need to know about my work ethic. Yes, I basically throw something together from half-remembered classes in a few hours, talk it into submission, and walk away with my ill-gained 7 (this time, though, I actually read all the required texts, and I took notes and everything; it's revolutionary!).

What can I say? I'm lazy.

Of course, I had already written it once (the usual way), but then my laptop sadly died of heat stroke. Awesome.

In less whiny news, I present photos of our kitty .

(Bigger here.)


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Sooo you guys know of that bit where I theoretically have an entire semester free, right, and how I would quite like to do something with digital/internet culture and fandom if at all possible?


Since I apparently have no self control at all, Media Studies is looking more and more like something I'd want to take. Except for how I'm already theoretically double-majoring in Linguistics and Anthropology.

Uh, help?

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Okaaay. So today's Exp Diff (why yes I am that lazy) class was about Dutch citizenship. I was clearly being silly when I expected this to be, in some variation, about citizenship and the often failtastic way we handle it. (I mean, really, what could possibly have given me that impression?!)

For what it's worth, we did watch part of the pre-immigration film then-minister of Integration Verdonk had made, and... it's horrid. Not just in its offensiveness, but in its stupidity and inaccuracy. The English-language Wikipedia entry is better, I swear. I can't believe someone got paid for that piece of suck, nor that anyone would make it in the first place. (Also, it's titled Naar Nederland, "To the Netherlands", which I think is clumsy and maybe even slightly incorrect: I'd say Naar Nederland toe is far better.)

But the guest lecture was, honestly, about "Diversity Politics of Amsterdam", except mostly it was statistics showing just how drastically wrong we're handling this entire thing. Not that the guest lecturer really mentioned that, nor really any "Diversity Politics" in general, although when asked what they actually did to actually help and reach immigrant and ethnic minority communities, her answer was that the city of Amsterdam was doing a damn good job standing around at the airport and yanking schoolkids out of the queue those weeks just before and after vacations, which we all know are just disastrous to their education. (Destinations these horrible parents were taking their children were: Morocco, Turkey, Surinam, "wherever", and "skiing", though that last one was suggested to her. Uh-huh.)

Btw, I managed to give myself a cold. Yes, in this weather. No, really. I'm all sniffly and cotton-headed and tired. (This never happened when I was in long sleeves until it got over thirty degrees! Stupid decision to try to get rid of some of that deathly, deathly pallor.)


Apr. 10th, 2009 01:46 pm
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Spending the weekend at Dad's again, because my mom wants my brother and me to visit Saturday. Okay, so far so good, I just take my stuff with me, right?


Nope. Clearly this is a good time to forget to take anything of importance, because I am a moron. ><
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I got told off for being an idiot and letting my studies slip again. As usual, a concerned teacher was going Cass, you're too intelligent for being such an idiot, wtf?!, and... I just don't have an answer to that.

I don't know why I just can't seem to bring myself to do my homework on time.
I don't know why every single email (or letter or phone call or whatever) from a teacher or teacher-like entity makes me want to hide.
I do know that I get that feeling because I always think they're going to say I'm an idiot or doing it wrong or have totally failed whatever.
Yes, I do know how ridiculous that is in some cases. (Hi, final examinations results!)
I don't know why I seem to be allergic to deadlines.
Most of all, I don't know why the hell I can't get over this/myself to find some way around this rather massive bunch of problems for the average ambitious student.

My latest fail (nope, I still haven't looked at the email):
I am of course now going "MEEP!" and hiding, because my thesis supervisor needs my resume. But I would guess they're much more interested in academic stuff I've done (also basically nothing) but I have no clue how you put that. :(

I fail so badly at personal responsibility...Jeez, in fact I just got an email back from that other teacher as well and a) I just basically froze and b) I'm scared to even read it.

(Yes, copy/pasted from a comment. I am lazy.)

As usual, I was being a scaredy-cat idiot. I now have one recommendation in the pocket and still no clue how resume = recommendation, yay!, so...

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I stayed Chez Dad's for another day to do some homework, which unsurprisingly still hasn't been done. You see, I went to the library instead so I've just been reading since I got home. Yes. I'm that hopeless. Although I guess it doesn't help that we're talking really fucking boring homework. >:(

In other unsurprising news, I just can't bring myself to write to all of TWO teachers to ask for a recommendation. This is only the only thing I could ever see myself doing with my major, so it makes total sense NOT TO CHASE IT RIGHT NOW WITH EIGHT GODDAMN DAYS LEFT OMG WHY DO I FAIL AT BEING A RESPONSIBLE AND UNIDIOTIC PERSON GAH. I need a robot or something which can kick my ass whenever I stupidly neglect to do things I really, really should be doing. *headdesks*

Plus, my Anthropology study group is going to Istanbul in May. I really, really want to go but I can't afford it. Or rather, I can but I feel I've spent enough of the money people saved for me on random things (Brazil, Egypt, furniture, graphics tablet which doesn't fucking work, goddamn expensive anthropology (text)books). And I, y'know, have no job since I turned that other one down. GIEF €€€.
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  • Have not chased the recommendations.
  • Have not written one word of homework.
  • Have not translated any previous work to prove I speak English NO RLY. (Meh.)
  • Have not written a letter about why, exactly, I'd like to get into that master's programme.
  • Have not looked into which courses I want to take.
  • Have not, as such, done anything at all this weekend.
  • Have, as my only productive activity in the past few days, written about two sentences of fic.

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So I have, apart from my thesis, four courses that will be finished/primarily graded with a final paper. Yes, I know, that pretty much sounds like my perfect nightmare. Well, two of those have set topics (if you were wondering, one is a conversational analysis of one of your own conversations, the other is a report on some stupid phonological experiment), so that leaves two plus my thesis to worry about, right?

Not so much! :D

My bachelor thesis will be on the apparent attitudes with regard to language policy and minority languages behind the dialogue between the Dutch government(s) and the Committees of Experts and Ministers regarding the implimentation of the European Charter for Regional and Minority Lanugages (no prepositions were harmed in making this sentence! I swear!), which sounds more complicated than it is because the less-complicated-sounding version is quite a bit longer. And it's a mouthful already!

For the History of Political Thinking About Gender, I want to do a comparison between the suffrage movements in the USA and the Netherlands (who were they, what kinds of arguments did they use, in which ways were they successful...). Something like that, anyway. I mentioned that in the second week of the semester and the teacher seemed enthusiastic!

And for Experiencing Difference I was thinking of more or less getting a grade out of my little identity crisis back there (look, I can mock myself). This is actually the slightly more disjointed and much more emotional version of something I'd already written for that class. So that would be on how third and fourth generation Indo kids construct their indenties, which is (to say the least!), something that currently fascinates me. No I didn't just call myself a kid you imagined that.

This I-know-what-I'll-write-about feeling is strange but not entirely unpleasant, hehe.

(I'm getting a bit worried, because I still don't have the final grade for that Computational Linguistics class. :X It's almost mid-March, dude! I'll talk to some of the others next week, see if he just fails in general or if something happened to my essay. Although you'd think I'd've gotten an email asking just what the hell had happened...?)


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