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Mar. 20th, 2009 08:30 pm
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Okay so I thought I'd wait a while with approaching teachers for that recommendation (note to self: DO THAT THIS WEEKEND) because I wanted to find out what the hell was up with the gradeless course. Of course, I send that email this Wednesday (since I've been waiting since February ><) and have still not heard back, because my university will find some way to fail at life no matter what.

So now I have less than eleven days to stress out about approaching two of my teachers for recommendations, write an essay about my motivation for pursuing this master's programme, explain away that lost year (oh great good luck with that, self!), and supply them with an essay displaying my English proficiency (which will have to be either 15(!!) or "a few" pages long). They have to have all this on their desks by April 1st.


Stupid. My uni has it.

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Job interview went... well, it went. The woman conducting it isn't sure if it's the type of job for me, because, well, I like to hear myself talk too much. *g* This is pretty unavoidably true, so for now I'll attend a training day this Saturday, to see if the job suits me and I suit it, and if not, no harm done and I'll have to look elsewhere.

Since it was only 15.12 at that point, I decided to crash the master's presentation party anyway, and I'm glad I did. A lot of things are much clearer now, and I know what I will and won't have to worry about. I still wonder about the letters of recommendation, though, since I got my highest grades in Phonetics and Phonology but I probably won't be doing anything with that. (And by that I mean I need a teacher who doesn't think I'm just some lazy chick who never does anything. Or alternatively, who know I'm just some lazy chick who never does anything but who would nevertheless recommend me.) Lastly, I'm almost surprised how unsurprised I was at the other people who'll be pursuing the research master's...

Though I did forget to ask about that Comp. Ling. grade, because it had slipped my mind again. Whoopsie... I NEED TO KNOW IF I'M FUCKING SCREWED OR IF THIS GUY IS JUST SLOW! GET ME THAT DAMN GRADE!!
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So I have, apart from my thesis, four courses that will be finished/primarily graded with a final paper. Yes, I know, that pretty much sounds like my perfect nightmare. Well, two of those have set topics (if you were wondering, one is a conversational analysis of one of your own conversations, the other is a report on some stupid phonological experiment), so that leaves two plus my thesis to worry about, right?

Not so much! :D

My bachelor thesis will be on the apparent attitudes with regard to language policy and minority languages behind the dialogue between the Dutch government(s) and the Committees of Experts and Ministers regarding the implimentation of the European Charter for Regional and Minority Lanugages (no prepositions were harmed in making this sentence! I swear!), which sounds more complicated than it is because the less-complicated-sounding version is quite a bit longer. And it's a mouthful already!

For the History of Political Thinking About Gender, I want to do a comparison between the suffrage movements in the USA and the Netherlands (who were they, what kinds of arguments did they use, in which ways were they successful...). Something like that, anyway. I mentioned that in the second week of the semester and the teacher seemed enthusiastic!

And for Experiencing Difference I was thinking of more or less getting a grade out of my little identity crisis back there (look, I can mock myself). This is actually the slightly more disjointed and much more emotional version of something I'd already written for that class. So that would be on how third and fourth generation Indo kids construct their indenties, which is (to say the least!), something that currently fascinates me. No I didn't just call myself a kid you imagined that.

This I-know-what-I'll-write-about feeling is strange but not entirely unpleasant, hehe.

(I'm getting a bit worried, because I still don't have the final grade for that Computational Linguistics class. :X It's almost mid-March, dude! I'll talk to some of the others next week, see if he just fails in general or if something happened to my essay. Although you'd think I'd've gotten an email asking just what the hell had happened...?)