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This episode could've been entirely awesome, if every scene with/about the Deaf kid hadn't been about how being Deaf is reallyreallyreally bad, OK? or how Deaf culture is totally not a Real culture, as proven by Eric Foreman, neurologist. Thanks for your opinion, Foreman. Shut up, Foreman. (And Wilson, with the "nice thing" bullshit, but I expect this crap out of Wilson, who really doesn't have as much of a clue as he thinks.)

  • The only thing better than Amber the Manifestation of House's Ev0l Subconscious would be Amber really haunting House, even though that would deestroy my cherished House-the-atheist-is-NOT-proven-wrong thing the show has going on. Ghost!Amber would be tougher than God. Trufax. Can we trade Wilson for Amber? No? :(
  • Foreman/Thirteen really felt like a couple for a change, and given the context probably says something about their relationship. Oh, right, THAT IT MAKES NO SENSE.
  • Very much "meh" on the bachelor party thing; the buildup was way funnier.
  • Foreteen need to go on more crazy assignments from House.
  • They seem to have dropped House's crazy multilingualism a bit, but there is no way he doesn't know ASL.
  • "Deaf people" do not have "a language", Thirteen, but at least you're less of an idiot than Foreman, Wilson and haunted!House.
  • Thanks, episode, for reaffirming my belief canon!House is totally bi. YOU WILL NEVER CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE.
  • Tempted to pretend the CI crap never even happened. Chase should've known House was lying, House fucking knows better, Mom sucks. Oh, and shut up, Wilson.
  • PotW wasn't prelingually deaf so shouldn't he be able to articulate more clearly? I guess the actor was? IDK, that was weird.
  • HE WAS HEARING UNTIL HE WAS FOUR. HE KNOWS HIS GODDAMN NAME IS "SETH". WE DON'T KNOW HIS NAMESIGN, THOUGH. BUT THAT'S OKAY, DEAF CULTURE'S NOT A CULTURE ANYWAY. (I didn't get his name until he fingerspelled it. Mom sucks at talking as well as everything else.)
  • I knew a guy with a CI and he went deaf after an alcohol binge. He said his hearing was nowhere near what it had been before, and he'd been deaf in one ear. PotW suddenly hearing a folder drop out in the hallway? I guess not. And apparently it also takes time before any kind of hearing returns at all.
  • House and hallu!Amber in the tub was hilarious. In fact, all of House!Amber/Amber!House was hilarious. Why's she dead again? :(
  • Dear writers: House's physical goddamn handicap =/= being d/Deaf. Also? House's leg causes him pain. Please tell me you see the difference? D: (You=writers)

/hearing chick hopefully being less clueless than the writers.

So much awesome to enjoy but so much stupidity too. :(