allangtegek: photo of my shadow with camera (schaduwfotograaf)
allangtegek ([personal profile] allangtegek) wrote2010-06-04 11:54 pm

So. Quickie.

Since I missed my last appointment with my therapist, this was the first time I'd seen her in about a month, and I am since doing pretty okay. I'm off my meds for the moment, because I'd run out of them last week and I'm still feeling, y'know, pretty okay. So we're trying that for a while. (I keep having dizzy spells though, gah.)

One tiny problem, though: next appointment is June 14, 3 o'clock. Timing fail! D:

I also have a new idea for my thesis, so I hope to flesh that out and contact my thesis supervisor soon. More when I have done so. :P