Mar. 29th, 2009

allangtegek: a pattern of dirt particles in a puddle of water (loesje: studeren)
Yup, lots of stuff still to do, though I was aiming to have everything ready by Friday.

I fail.
allangtegek: a pattern of dirt particles in a puddle of water (ireen triest)
Today's race turned out to have an exciting finish, with a surprising podium people were all :D at no matter who they usually support (oh hai). The Kubica/Vettel thing was sad but impressive, as was seeing Vettel keep driving with only three wheels on (what?!). I don't know about anyone else, but I generally consider these Good Things (okay maybe not the crash).

So then, of course, there are complaints. (As you know, flist, I intensly dislike this kind of stuff, even when it benefits people I like.)

And for some reason, because fail never occurs by itself, that crash is now totally Vettel's fault? Why?


By the way, no, in cases like these I think "the spirit of the match/race/sport/whatever" is actually what should count, not The Rules. And by that I mean that excitement and sportsmanship and whatnot > following the rules to the letter. If you think I'm less CAPSLOCK-y and ranty about this episode of Rules > You, it's because I have to admit this case is slightly (but not all that much) less faily than the line-stepping. But only because those rules themselves still make me go oO. Also I'm contrary.