Apr. 27th, 2010

allangtegek: a pattern of dirt particles in a puddle of water (cirkels)

We return to the nameless RPF-with-OCs 'verse, which by the way has officially become an AU sometime in the last week or two, with the short version of the history between Leila al Hossam and Sarah Awaters (and, yes, Yasmin from Onbereikbaar has since become Leila). The characters and their personalities are pretty well fleshed out, it's just that I have plot whatsoever. It's just people doing stuff. And the stuff they're doing is boring! (Plus, even now, with just one of the characters' family sketched out, there's a huge cast of very diverse characters, and if I ever seriously want to write in this 'verse, that's gonna be a looot of research. /o\)

Chaos Theory )

Disclaimer: All mine; written for a [community profile] 31_days prompt. If I have written something dumb/offensive, whack me with the cluebat if you can spare the spoons. (Should I warn for an otherwise-observant Muslimah drinking?)

Also, I should upload more of my icons to DW.