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Birthdate:Nov 17
Location:Noord-Holland, Netherlands

 The phrase “allang te gek” can mean two things in Dutch.

One is “already way too strange”, in response to the common saying “just be normal, that’s weird enough already” (doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg). The other is, with some liberty “[has been] awesome for a long time”, which isn’t meant as arrogance but as a tongue-in-cheek, self-positive comment.

 Hi, I’m Cass. I currently appear to be 21 years old, and I have no idea how that happened either. In my head I’m still sixteen; just slightly less stupid than I was when I was really sixteen years old. Growing up is something I might do at some time in the future.

The idea is that I’m double majoring in Anthropology and Linguistics and taking a minor in Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity Studies. Occasionally, this gets caught up in my university’s scheduling trouble. Occasionally I get myself in trouble because I’m not doing my homework. Regardless, I intend to pursue a research master’s program at this university’s graduate school. (I want to eventually be Dr. Cass!)

I’m from a for Dutch standards medium-sized city in the Netherlands, but at the moment I’m living in a suburb of Amsterdam. A whole bunch of different ethnicities went into the making of me but I primarily consider myself to be Indo (mixed Asian/European heritage) with some Surinamese thrown in.

I’m single, I’m bi, I’m an atheist, I’m a republican, I’m a socialist. I have a slight obsession with fellow left-handed people.

I go slightly crazy without music on in the background. My hobbies include reading (mostly to the point of almost exclusively SFF), writing (and world building), photography, watching sports and playing World of Warcraft.

I’m not terribly well-read, because most mainstream literature is too dry for me and despite being an SFF fan, I can’t stand a lot of the conventions of the genre(s). I also have a slight problem regarding going into bookstores called “spending far more money than one can afford in one go”, which doesn’t help.

All of my original fiction still just exists in conceptual form. Maybe I’ve got a snippet or two worth of prose scattered here and there. It’s mostly SFF stuff but I’ve got two general universes which would broadly exist in our reality. I might post about them. I still sometimes write fan fiction or RPF, but that gets posted to my fic journal.

I hold that spontaneous photography is more interesting than staged, though that’s a personal taste and you know what they say about that. My spontaneous photography combined with my laziness and my inability to ever throw anything out has given me a backlog of some tens of thousands of photos to be sorted out.

I follow several sports with varying (by time and by sport) degrees of interest/knowledge/focus.
• Football has pretty much been the one constant: Ajax is, was, and always will be my club, even if they continue to suck; Oranje will always be the national team to cheer for.
• The autumn and winter months belong to long track speed skating (aka the only winter sport Dutch people are good at!): my favorite skaters are of course the Dutch boys and girls, the forever awesome Shani Davis, Enrico Fabris (remember that thing with the obsession with lefties…?), and the cute-but-kickass Anni Friesinger. And then I like a whole bunch of other skaters as well.
• I like tennis when it has three sets. I like seeing great matches more than any single player.
• I watch cycling when it happens to be on TV or when the Tour’s on. Against my better judgement I keep hoping that this year, the Rabobank team will do better.
• I’m into F1 for the fast cars. (It might just be possible I like Lewis Hamilton slightly more than other drivers. Maybe.)
• Lastly, field hockey is sort of my guilty pleasure. I admit I follow the national teams far more than any club, but HC Bloemendaal has a very small spot in my heart nonetheless.
• Once or twice a year I remember I do like baseball. This is entirely the “fault” of the Haarlem Baseball Week.

A list of dislikes would get a bit long, I’m afraid.

 I intend to use this journal for pretty much anything.

There’ll be squee and rants, musings and commentary, reviews and analyses and thinky thoughts, world building notes and plotting and bits and pieces of story.

There will be posts about sports, my fandoms, university, life, politics, me, my stuff, and probably a whole host of other things.

Friending is free and I’ll generally add you back. :)

 ∘ photos on flickr cass_photos ∘ artistic thingies on DeviantArt tehcass ∘ uh, twitter-y stuff on twitter allangtegek ∘ fan fic/rpf in my fic journal [profile] langs_de_lijn ∘ my old journal (retired) [personal profile] mirabilelectu

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