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Okaaay. So today's Exp Diff (why yes I am that lazy) class was about Dutch citizenship. I was clearly being silly when I expected this to be, in some variation, about citizenship and the often failtastic way we handle it. (I mean, really, what could possibly have given me that impression?!)

For what it's worth, we did watch part of the pre-immigration film then-minister of Integration Verdonk had made, and... it's horrid. Not just in its offensiveness, but in its stupidity and inaccuracy. The English-language Wikipedia entry is better, I swear. I can't believe someone got paid for that piece of suck, nor that anyone would make it in the first place. (Also, it's titled Naar Nederland, "To the Netherlands", which I think is clumsy and maybe even slightly incorrect: I'd say Naar Nederland toe is far better.)

But the guest lecture was, honestly, about "Diversity Politics of Amsterdam", except mostly it was statistics showing just how drastically wrong we're handling this entire thing. Not that the guest lecturer really mentioned that, nor really any "Diversity Politics" in general, although when asked what they actually did to actually help and reach immigrant and ethnic minority communities, her answer was that the city of Amsterdam was doing a damn good job standing around at the airport and yanking schoolkids out of the queue those weeks just before and after vacations, which we all know are just disastrous to their education. (Destinations these horrible parents were taking their children were: Morocco, Turkey, Surinam, "wherever", and "skiing", though that last one was suggested to her. Uh-huh.)

Btw, I managed to give myself a cold. Yes, in this weather. No, really. I'm all sniffly and cotton-headed and tired. (This never happened when I was in long sleeves until it got over thirty degrees! Stupid decision to try to get rid of some of that deathly, deathly pallor.)


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