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So according to the UvA's scheduling website, two of my minor courses are right on top of each other. No, seriously, as of right now the scheduling!fail has reached new lows. Fortunately, there is no way in hell this is intentional (at least I hope not, but then again you can never rule it out, I guess...), so it'll hopefully probably be changed later on.

...Until then, *faaacepaaalm*.

Oh, and it just doesn't list Anthropology at all over there. Yay.

Also, there was more, but I am le tired and should probably try some of that fancy 'homework' stuff before sleepy time.

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I just spent basically three full days on an assigment. This is rather longer than I have ever, ever spent on any coursework ever, which I guess tells you all you need to know about my work ethic. Yes, I basically throw something together from half-remembered classes in a few hours, talk it into submission, and walk away with my ill-gained 7 (this time, though, I actually read all the required texts, and I took notes and everything; it's revolutionary!).

What can I say? I'm lazy.

Of course, I had already written it once (the usual way), but then my laptop sadly died of heat stroke. Awesome.

In less whiny news, I present photos of our kitty .

(Bigger here.)


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GDI I can't even say what I want to say because I'm so nervous and it all sounds wrong in whatever kind of way and ohnoI'lljinxit and, you know, I AM VERY VERY VERY NERVOUS ABOUT THIS SEMI-FINAL THING. A lot.

Because I want this so much, and it's so very possible, that I can practically taste it.

And basically, I can't do anything but go omg omg omg and worry. Also, Uruguay must GTFO because of you-know-what.

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So I was (and will be) going to do this longass tl;dr post about Brazil, their reputation and discourse and it would be full of nerdrage and geekiness and omg-die-Brazilness, but now I'm not. For this small mercy (XP), you can thank Germany, who blew me away with such awesomeness I had to say something about it immediately.

Had to, y'all. They made me!


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Okay, well. This world cup thingie. As you probably all know, I am both not Brazil's biggest fan and severely unimpressed by the way their reputation counts for way more than their actual game (and also that bit where they keep putting their hands on the ball and getting away with it, jfc), but I'm still worried. In many ways, this match is our first "real" test. And our defense hasn't always been especially secure. At all.

And I think, if our offensive players don't get their shit together (we had eleventy-three shots against Slovakia, it's just none of them went in), our defence won't be able to pick up the slack for ninety minutes. So, yeah.

Also, EIP: The Racebendening just came out, and it's just now hit me that it is supposed to be ATLA. I mean, I knew it was, obviously, but it was so incredibly different from the show that it basically completely failed to register. Plus, from the few promos and stuff I saw, it's just horrendous entirely on its own. But anyway, now that it's hit me, I feel seriously disheartened. So yes.

Some Stuff

Jun. 25th, 2010 04:11 pm
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Check out [community profile] dark_agenda's Racebending Revenge Ficathon -- [r]e-write one or more white characters in the fandom(s) of your choice as chromatic/non-white/PoC, in a story of at least 500 words, with some acknowledgment of how the racial difference would make a difference to the story being told -- posting is scheduled for July 2 and the whole thing's open to RPF. I'm certainly in (no, I never do learn, do I? *g*).

Yesterday I was kind of having a crisis of faith about the whole mailperson thing, because I was taking so long with the delivery and also I was really, really miserable for no really good reason--anyway. Today was fine and while I probably won't be continuing once uni starts up again (I won't have the kind of time required mid-day four-to-five days a week), I'm gonna keep doing it. Crisis averted!

What I will probably still be doing is try to get myself an "easy", stay-put job with either early or late hours because I need the money. That, I will keep doing over the semester. (If, uh, I get it in the first place. Y'know.)
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So this is about the UK but Dutch people use the same arguments in support of monarchy as a state institution. (Gee, I wonder why? It couldn't possibly be because there are no valid arguments--political, moral, social, historical or secular--to keep the monarchy alive in the 21st century, of course, because it is just ~so romantic~.)

/"radical democrat"

ETA: moar love

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Sooo you guys know of that bit where I theoretically have an entire semester free, right, and how I would quite like to do something with digital/internet culture and fandom if at all possible?


Since I apparently have no self control at all, Media Studies is looking more and more like something I'd want to take. Except for how I'm already theoretically double-majoring in Linguistics and Anthropology.

Uh, help?


Jun. 5th, 2010 11:15 pm
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So it's my brother's birthday tomorrow, and at first I wanted to make him a 'racing bike' made out his present (money) and some stuff--he's going to buy one, hence the request for money--but that turned out to be not exactly practical (to say the least). So then I went to see if they had any nice cards at the local Bruna, but they didn't, and anyway I figured I make him a card myself and give him and not the third party that money.

Yeah. Guess who spent most of the match drawing on a stack of papers? (And is still not done?) Yeah.

Moral of the story: remind me to cough up the €3,- for a real card next time.

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Since I missed my last appointment with my therapist, this was the first time I'd seen her in about a month, and I am since doing pretty okay. I'm off my meds for the moment, because I'd run out of them last week and I'm still feeling, y'know, pretty okay. So we're trying that for a while. (I keep having dizzy spells though, gah.)

One tiny problem, though: next appointment is June 14, 3 o'clock. Timing fail! D:

I also have a new idea for my thesis, so I hope to flesh that out and contact my thesis supervisor soon. More when I have done so. :P


Jun. 3rd, 2010 09:44 pm
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Someone overspent her budget just a little bit getting a new haircut. It cost me €*mumblety-mumble* and I only had slightly more than that left sitting in my bank account (I do have €2500 in my savings, but I never count that money, ever). Which, uh. Let's just say I did not have enough money left to buy a new school diary and leave it at that...

Anyway. Hair. It's still pretty much the same style as always (halflong and in layers), though probably a little bit more feathered this time. Oh, and there's two purple streaks in it; one on each side. It looks really nice. ^^ (Pictures to follow tomorrow; been having a bit of trouble getting one that doesn't look absolutely horrid and/or actually showed anything important.)

In other news, I missed my lgbtfest deadline (that was this Tuesday), because I've been constantly rewriting and starting over. It's a little about not being satisfied with what I'd written, but it's a lot worrying if I'm doing it right (still, and again), but I'm still writing and I will finish this even if it kills me. :P

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I swear, that website hates me.

Getting my new account info sent by mail now, what the hell.
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I have a job again! Well, to be fair, I'm starting the 22nd so I don't necessarily have it at this very moment, but you know, I have a job. At the post office. Starting 10 hours a week, but I want to work 12-15 hours a week during semesters and ideally some more over the summer. I already know I'm not going on vacation this year, so there's that. (And I need the Ministry of Justice to declare me Safe to Handle Mail *g* good thing the thing that was unhappened was unhappened, eh? Also, it costs €30.05 to request one of those things. What good's that 5 cents? Lol.)

I shall have money again. Yay! I have decided to celebrate by getting a haircut. I might get it dyed, but then again I also might not. I kinda wanna tell them to do what they think will look nice. Else it'll just be the chop again.

Also, I have an appointment with the study advisor person in two weeks, finally. That only took me half a year; much like actually going after the whole work thing took me months even if we're being generous. I was thinking about trying TNT in like January 2009. *sigh*

(PS I just tried to use Studielink again and, guess what? I don't remember my password. I hate that site so much. Grrr.)

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I have a paid Flickr account 'til the 28th, so I suddenly have to finish those photos.

So, y'know, expect them some time (like five minutes) before I won't actually be able to upload them.
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A while ago, I complained to [personal profile] arcanise that I wanted there to be a challenge community for world building. Said she: Yeah, there should be world building challenges!!. So, at least I'm not alone in wanting one to exist.

Anyway, I like the idea and I'm pretty sure I'll at least attempt something. If only for myself, since my universes are still very much in the planning stages and at least one of them might very well stay there, because I'm having so much fun doing it. (Also, I have no plot whatsoever. I suppose that helps.)

So. Should I?

Are any of you guys also interested?
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We return to the nameless RPF-with-OCs 'verse, which by the way has officially become an AU sometime in the last week or two, with the short version of the history between Leila al Hossam and Sarah Awaters (and, yes, Yasmin from Onbereikbaar has since become Leila). The characters and their personalities are pretty well fleshed out, it's just that I have plot whatsoever. It's just people doing stuff. And the stuff they're doing is boring! (Plus, even now, with just one of the characters' family sketched out, there's a huge cast of very diverse characters, and if I ever seriously want to write in this 'verse, that's gonna be a looot of research. /o\)

Chaos Theory )

Disclaimer: All mine; written for a [community profile] 31_days prompt. If I have written something dumb/offensive, whack me with the cluebat if you can spare the spoons. (Should I warn for an otherwise-observant Muslimah drinking?)

Also, I should upload more of my icons to DW.


Apr. 26th, 2010 05:58 pm
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So I figured I'd better start using [personal profile] allangtegek.

I'm still not sure if [ profile] allangtegek  and [personal profile] allangtegek will be home to the same content, and I probably won't be permanently moving over to DW as long as my flist stays on LJ, but anyway.


Apr. 29th, 2009 11:05 am
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This episode could've been entirely awesome, if every scene with/about the Deaf kid hadn't been about how being Deaf is reallyreallyreally bad, OK? or how Deaf culture is totally not a Real culture, as proven by Eric Foreman, neurologist. Thanks for your opinion, Foreman. Shut up, Foreman. (And Wilson, with the "nice thing" bullshit, but I expect this crap out of Wilson, who really doesn't have as much of a clue as he thinks.)

Cut because I <3 bullet points )

So much awesome to enjoy but so much stupidity too. :(

AWC #2

Apr. 27th, 2009 05:11 pm
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The Asian Women Carnival is going into its second edition, this time hosted by [info]oyceter. The theme for this edition is Inter/intra/transnationality (or: "hyphenates and sourcelanders and diasporas and being a minority Asian in a majority Asian country and majority Asian countries and minority Asian countries and third culture kids and thoughts about being refugees, immigrants, expats, nth generation, FOBs* (* I use this as someone who is proud to be a FOB and dislikes any mockery of fobbishness. Also, if you aren't one, don't use it.), about generational gaps and cultural expectations and growing up in one place and then another and speaking one language at home and one outside and and and."), for which the deadline is June 1st.

You can still find the first edition, hosted by[ profile] ciderpress here.

Although I'll have you, internets, know that "here" I/we are Adjectival Dutch People, none of that "hyphenated" stuff. *g*
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Hey look, it's another instance of "I SPEAK A LANGUAGE THEREFORE I AM AN EXPERT ON LINGUISTICS!!1". Because we just keep saying "okay" even when talking about things that are clearly not okay at all and surely we must be Doing It Wrong? And the only reason for this okay-mania has to be because the Dutch language is homg deteriorating!

Damn our need for conversational markers!

What, you mean people are, like, researching this crap and finding out that words can have different functions and meanings? Nooo!


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